Chicks and Wine

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Chicks and wine - Who we are

Chicks and wine: who we are

Hi! We are Anna, Caroline and Chelsea, and we love wine!

We have been friends since… ever! Well, at least long enough not to remember since when.

Together we gradually discovered the good and the bad about life, including love, sorrow, and of course, alcohol! We started at the bus stop, before going out, mixing up vodka and orange juice in little plastic bottles that we kept all evening in our purses, never managing to finish it all. Then we evolved to fancy (very) fruity cocktails in clubs, and to several other phases: the “I’ll have a glass of rosé” phase, the beer pint phase, and even the whisky on the rock phase (still one of our faves!).

And then we grew up: a job, serious relationships, even a child… our lives changed, and so it did our way to drink and enjoy ourselves. We lowered the quantity and increased the quality of alcoholic beverages in our glasses, and we started organizing Cheese and Wine parties, discovering that they were absolutely awesome! We felt so fancy pairing fine cheeses and wine, and we soon realised that indeed, we had no clue about how to do it!

Therefore we actually commenced buying wine guides and magazines, and offering each other tasting classes. We figured out that it is not so difficult, and that it is really fun to do it with your girlfriends! Thus this blog, to share our common passion: pairing wine with lifelong lasting girl friendship! 

Chicks and Wine - Bottles

Our sections

Wine for Blondes

It is the new 'Wine for Dummies', and nothing against blondes, of course! You know how sexist the world of wine still is: if you are a girl, you are probably the kind who orders fruity cocktails while winking at the bartender hoping to get a bit more alcohol… or maybe NOT. If you are new to the world of wine, but you want to sound like an expert, follow our tips! In this section you may find key information to learn the basics, and beyond!

Wine and Food

«What wine goes with..? » We know you typed that question so many times on your keyboard, and this is why we thought of this section: yummy recipes and a choice of wines that will go perfectly together. Look up what is in your menu, and discover the wines amongst our picks… And who knows, perhaps our recipes will even inspire you! Sometimes you start with the wine you have in your cellar, to decide what you are eating tonight! Trust some real wine and food lovers ;-)

Wine Quizzes!

Discover your personality, which wines fit you the most, or how much you know about the universe of alcoholic beverages! These are just examples of the wine quizzes we have thought for you, take a fun break and discover something interesting about yourself or about wine!