Beer yoga, when a dream comes true!

Originally started at the Burning Man festival, Beer Yoga is a brand new concept inspired by the United States where classes are held in breweries. A rather unusual place to practice yoga…

We know it, the madness about yoga comes in various forms, including some quite amazing ones. A concept born in the United States combines the pleasure of beer with yoga, and so to give birth to Beer Yoga. Keeping fit becomes a fun concept that is acing in Germany!

Yoga Beer, the new energising experience

An energising experience

If the idea of drinking beer while exercising and meditating sounds thrilling to you, if you are an adult and you are living in Berlin, check out the website Bier Yoya. You will discover a true yoga program presented by Jhula, certified teacher and beer passionate; she figured out how to combine her two passions. According to her, beer and yoga are two centenarian therapies for the body and the soul: the joy of drinking and the mindfulness that we do so through yoga complement each other to achieve “an energising experience”. 

Yoga Beer, the ultimate hope for your bf to come to yoga class with you

Beer Yoga in practice

Participants are asked to swallow a sip of beer while holding a yoga position, at regular intervals. During balance exercises, they have to stand straight with a bottle on their body. This practice is not just healthy, Jhula is well aware of that. For her, it is more of a fun activity to increase a blissful state of mind: to combine Zen pleasure and bubbles. Indeed, alcohol confuses the balance and perception, essential for yoga. Maybe this discipline is just a way to learn how to drink moderately? In any case, it is a festive trend also practiced in bars, during festivals or for bachelor/bachelorette parties!

If you were still hesitating between choosing sport or beer, it seems like yoga does not stop you from drinking…time to meditate!