Can you still drink alcohol if you are on the paleo diet?

It’s the diet that Matthew McConaughey, Megan Fox and Jessica Biel swear by, and it takes the concept of healthy eating to another level. But, if you are on the paleo diet and you enjoy the occasional tipple, you’ll be pleased to know you can still drink.

Paleo Diet and wine: what is allowed

Isn’t drinking alcohol while on the paleo diet cheating?

Whether you consider drinking alcohol on the paleo diet cheating depends on your understanding of what the caveman diet consisted of. These ancestors wouldn’t have had any processed food, because it didn’t exist. Incidentally, neither did the whole host of health problems that come with consuming processed foods. The paleo diet is natural, it’s simple and it gave our ancestors strong, healthy bodies, and the energy to be skilled hunter-gatherers. Some advocates of the diet believe that alcohol is off-limits as it comes pre-packaged. However, Patrick McGovern, of Scientific American, writes, “Our ancestral early hominins were probably already making wines, beers, meads and mixed fermented beverages from wild fruits, chewed roots and grains, honey, and all manner of herbs and spices culled from their environments.” He even believes that many modern discoveries wouldn’t have happened without alcoholic beverages. Maybe, alcohol’s inspirational powers are underrated!

How to choose alcohol when you are on a paleo diet

The best drinks to choose on the paleo diet

The secret to enjoying alcohol on the paleo diet is to be savvy about your choice of drink. Grain-based brews are forbidden so avoid gin, whisky, grain-based vodka, beer and bourbon. However, beverages like potato-based vodka, white wine, red wine, tequila, rum and sparkling wine are all good choices for this Caveman diet. Mix spirits with soda water and lemon or lime juice to regulate your blood sugar. Avoid sweet vinos and instead opt for dry wine, like Pinot Noir Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. But, remember that it’s important to drink in moderation to keep your body healthy and get all the benefits from your paleo diet. Happy drinking and dieting!