Chianti wine is just so sublime

Oh wine, beautiful wine. The first sip is always sublime, and it takes us into a world only a woman can understand. Long day at work? Wine. Been a "soccer mom" all day? Wine. Stressful week? Wine. It is consolation form this cruel world.

sangiovese grape variety chianti wine

Wine and friends equal happiness

We have all been there:— the week has dragged and you have been so busy that you don’t know whether you are Arthur or Martha. When you finally get together with your girls for some much needed gossip and wine time, you remember just how glorious a few sips can be. Chianti wine is made from the Sangiovese grape and is a wine that goes with great food. With a few sips of your favourite wine indulgence and some delicious nibbles, you and your friends will be whisked away to a land of blissful cuisine.

chianti wine food pairing antipasti

Food and wine are a match made in heaven

Chianti is a gorgeously smooth wine to be enjoyed with most dishes. This is a great option for a good social catch-up, while enjoying some great food too. We all know that a good pasta is just not complete without a glass of red. Or perhaps share a charcuterie board of beautifully cured meats such as Parma ham, prosciutto and salami, all paired with some gorgeous cheese. And, if you can get your hands on some "drunken" pecorino that has been soaked in red wine during the ripening process, you will be in heaven.

chianti vineyards in italy

Toast with Chianti and friends

Chianti is a versatile wine with a deep red colour, and it is dry on the palate. It pairs well with most tomato-based foods, as well as with meat like pork and chicken. It’s a popular Italian wine choice to team with any of your favourite meals. This is also a wine for any occasion, and one to be shared with lots of laughter, so find some awesome friends and share some of this awesome wine. It is always the right time to toast and be merry!