Christmas pudding wine pairings: Prosecco!

“For we all like some figgy pudding, so bring some out here!” As the famous Christmas carol We Wish You a Merry Christmas proves, you just can’t beat Christmas pudding. However, which drink could possibly live up to its expectations? Prosecco! Read on to find out why…

prosecco and christmas pudding

Christmas pudding’s history with Prosecco in a nutshell

Prosecco and Christmas pudding- here’s why it works historically. Christmas pudding originated in the 14th century as “frumenty”, porridge made from beef, mutton, prunes, and wine. Delicious, right? Or not…Although it may sound like they accidentally mixed up lasagne and fruit loaf recipes, we should all be grateful, as this led to the creation of Christmas pudding! As the original recipe contained wine, it is only fair we do this dessert justice, take it back to its roots and couple it with one of the finest sparkling white wines on the market: Prosecco. The wine pud combo clearly works, how else would it have lasted this long?

prosecco and christmas pudding, what a great pairing

Adding a touch of sparkling Prosecco to tradition

Traditionally, dessert or full-bodied wines with sweet spices like cinnamon or clove are coupled with Christmas pudding. If you love brandy butter, Tawny port is a firm favourite, as it is less sweet, complementing the heavy pudding. Sauternes and sherry are also popular. However, if you want to spice things up this Christmas, surprise guests with Prosecco alongside dessert!

Prosecco is not an obvious choice, but it’s a fabulous one. Rich liqueur Muscat, or sweet sherry, could be too overpowering, making your dessert overly rich. Lighter dessert wines, like Sauternes, may get lost amidst the spices, whereas Prosecco can hold its own. Champagne soaked cherries in your pudding work, as well. Prosecco is a fresh, luxurious end to the meal, cutting through the richness of your dessert, complementing it to perfection...a bubbly Christmas awaits!