Finding the perfect Christmas wine gift for your husband!

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.” Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Read on for great Christmas wine gifts to turn your husband from a miserable Scrooge into a happy Tiny Tim!

Wine accessories as Christmas gift idea

The wine of Christmas present!

If your husband is a big wine fan, why not get him a Christmas wine gift he can use on a daily basis? Wine accessories, such as wine stoppers, wine glasses, bottle openers, wine coolers, novelty corkscrews, or books for wine connoisseurs, are all great stocking fillers or cracker gifts! For a larger present, a surprise wine gift set under the tree is always a winner!
Wine bottle as Christmas gift

The wine of Christmas past!

Gold, frankincense…and Merlot? Wine is a wonderful Christmas gift, as the flavours can evoke happy memories and take you back to a particular time. Did you and your husband choose a special wine for your wedding day or does a bottle of Côtes de Provence particularly remind you of your honeymoon in the South of France? If so, buying your husband a special bottle for Christmas is a thoughtful, sentimental present he is bound to love!

wine tasting gift

The wine of Christmas Yet-to-Come!

If you want a Christmas wine gift which will provide enjoyment for your husband over the following year, why not get your husband a subscription so he can receive various wine cases throughout the year? You could also take him on a wine tasting experience so he has something to look forward to. Or why not get a vintage bottle of wine to add to his collection, which he can open on future special occasions? Remember, wine isn’t just for Christmas!