Ever wished there was such a thing as an Italian wine fountain? Your wish has been granted!

Italy is famous for its historic architecture, stunning art and rich culture, not to mention its delicious cuisine… but now this innovative country has also made our dreams come true by giving the world an open-air Italian wine fountain. Yes, you heard it!

The first wine fountain finally opens in italy!

There’s fountains and then there’s Italian wine fountains

This revolutionary fountain is not the first wine fountain in Italy, but it is the first to provide free wine to visitors and passers-by, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is situated in Caldari di Ortona, Abruzzo, a small town in Italy, close to Rome at the Dora Sarchese vineyard, on a popular pilgrimage route. The fountain is a joint venture between the vineyard and a non-profit organisation that aims to promote and maintain the route, which takes tourists and pilgrims from Rome to the cathedral in Ortona. Thousands of visitors from all over the world are attracted by this religious building, which houses the remains of Thomas, one of Jesus’s disciples, and by the Italian wine too!

get your passport ready and go drinking italian wine

Is the Italian wine fountain only open to people visiting the pilgrimage site?

The fountain was built to quench the thirst of visitors on the pilgrim route but, as it is permanently open, anyone passing can enjoy a glass of the free-flowing red vino. Moreover, vineyards in the region have been producing wine for centuries, and so they know their Chianti from their Barolo. The red wine in the fountain is made from juicy Montepulciano grapes. However, the winemakers have warned that this fountain is not for “drunkards” and should not be seen as a “publicity stunt”. Nevertheless, this site is sure to be a favourite with Oenophiles and will undoubtedly attract legions of curious tourists. So, have you got your passport at the ready to head to this free wine fountain?