What food goes best with beer?

It is the drink of choice for sports fans, pub dwellers and real ale enthusiasts everywhere. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing like an ice-cold beer when you’re on holiday. Choosing dishes to pair with beer isn’t always easy, but this little guide will help you tantalise your palate.

Beer and pizza, the easy match

Choosing food to pair with beer

Before choosing your food, the first thing to consider is the beer you are drinking. Fortunately, beer goes well with all kinds of food because of how tantalising and multi-layered its flavours are. But, by considering the flavours of your lager or ale, it is easier to choose a dish or snack to go with it. Beer and pizza is a favourite combination for footballs fans and great for nights in watching a movie. This is a winning combination because the carbonation in the beer intensifies the fatty flavour of the cheese. Beer therefore also works well with a classic cheese sandwich, feta salad or even a cheese platter. If you are a fan of fish or chicken, opt for a lighter beer with your food. Lager or a nice Belgian Saison will allow the meaty flavours of the food to come through. The same is true for pasta and salads. But, if you do add any creams or sauces, choose a richer beer. Finally, if you enjoy sushi then 100% malt beer will enhance those fresh flavours.

Beer always goes well with snacks

What about beer and snacks?

When it comes to snacks, those that go best with all beer types will be cheese-based. Salty snacks like peanuts, chunky chips or fries are also good pairings. Pick a brew that will cleanse your palate while still letting the flavours come through, such as a Real ale, nice lager or other light beer. Other fried snacks also make for fabulous pairings for beer. It’s not difficult to see why this brew is a favourite for movie nights and football games!