What to consider before buying a sweet wine

Sometimes only sweet wine will do, whether it’s to finish off a hearty meal, to accompany a chunk of cheese, to enhance a dessert or simply to satisfy a sugar craving. However, before you choose your vino, there are a few things that are worth taking into consideration.

Sweet wine for creamy and fruit-based desserts

Sweet wine is the best partner for pudding

If you drink wine regularly then you’ll know that choosing one that suits your situation can make a big difference. sweet wine works wonderfully with dessert and that’s why it is often referred to as “pudding wine”. If you plan on finishing off an evening with friends with a tasty soufflé or a fruit salad then sweet wine is ideal. Muscato pairs very well with creamy and light fruit-based desserts, but can equally tone down the kick of Thai dish or other spicy foods. For cheddar and blue cheese, it’s a perfect partner. Likewise, a sweet bottle of Riesling works well with fruit, soft cheese or Thai food. For rich puddings, chocolate-based dishes or decadent cakes, a sumptuous bottle of Sauternes is always a good choice. It is one of the more expensive sweet wines, but the blend of Bordeaux’s St. Emillon, Muscadelle and Sauvignon Blanc grapes gives it a warming honeycomb and apricot taste that’s pure bliss. In fact, it’s one of the most prestigious and collectible sweet wines available!

Muscato and Riesling work well with Thai foods

Which sweet wine pairs best with a meal or for a quiet drink with the girls?

When accompanying a meal, the choice of sweet wine depends on the dish. As previously mentioned, Muscato and Riesling work well with Thai foods. However, for chicken, veal, duck or other grilled poultry, a Vouvray is a great choice. It can also really enhance the flavour of pastries and rich sauces. For flavoursome dishes like Mexican cuisine or spicy Asian meals, Chenin Blanc makes an excellent accompaniment. When you would rather have a sweet glass of wine than a dessert, crack open a bottle of Icewine. Pudding wines are satisfying enough to drink on their own! If you really want to impress, splash out on a bottle of Tokaj. Almost 600 years in the making, this honey-flavoured wine is pricey but perfect for an indulgent ladies’ night in!