What your favourite tipple reveals about your attitude to childrearing

It’s one of those rare evenings when you don’t have baby sick or poster paint down your top. You can relax and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple. But just what does that drink say about your attitude to parenting?

Your Drink Reveals What Kind Of Parent You Are

What’s your attitude to parenting?

When you finally get to let your hair down, your drink of choice says a lot about your attitude to parenting. If you love a good cocktail then you are a mum up for fun! You like your drinks to be as entertaining and kaleidoscopic as your own life. You like joining in with your kids’ games and trying try new things. You know you’re always learning, and mums admire how you take parenting in your stride.

If you prefer a cheeky pint of beer then you are a laid-back mum. You don’t take the whole parenting thing too seriously and prefer to let your kids learn from their mistakes rather than mollycoddling them. You’re so chilled that sometimes your offspring are able to treat you more like a friend than a parent.

Drinking wine while parenting

What attitude do mums who prefer wine or something fizzy have?

The lady who like to wind down with a glass of wine has an all-systems-go attitude to childrearing. She is a multi-tasking mum who tries to attend every activity her kids are involved in and rarely has time for herself. But, she wouldn’t have it any other way, and so, when she gets time for a vino, she savours the moment!

The mum who always opts for something fizzy, whether that’s prosecco or champagne, has grown-up children. She has survived the early years of motherhood and is always there to lend an understanding ear to her pals with younger kids. She is celebrating the end of her days of school runs and snotty noses in style — YAY!