White wine goes best with cheese: science says so!

If you are one of those people who likes nothing more than a nice bottle of red wine accompanied by a luxurious cheese board then you will probably be sad to learn that, according to science, white wine actually goes better with cheese that red wine does.

Science says cheese pairs better with white wine, give it a shot!

Who says white wine goes better with cheese?

A recent study, published in the Journal of Food Science, took 31 regular consumers of cheese and wine, and asked them to try a selection of cheeses with two dry reds, one dry white and one sweet white wine. The participants received their wine in a dark glass to prevent bias, and they tasted each wine on its own before sampling it with a bite of each of the cheeses. They all found the wine more palatable with the cheese than on its own, but all of them also preferred the white wine as an accompaniment to the cheese selection. This challenges the common consensus that both white wine and red wine go well with cheese, and it could change our long-held traditions too!

Drink white wine all year round!

Is it time to ditch your beloved red in favour of a cheese-friendly bottle of white?

Don’t throw out your red vino just yet! While this study found that cheese is more enjoyable with white wine, Mara Galmarini, a sensory scientist at CONICET (the Argentinian National Scientific and Technical Research Council), explained that red wine either goes really well with cheese or “not that well”. She went on to describe a pairing with white wine as “less risk”. So, for those new to hosting cheese and wine parties, or those who prefer not to take too many chances when it comes to food, white is the safer option. According to the study, it is also more versatile than its red counterpart and pairs well with a wider variety of cheese. However, while white wine goes better with cheese than red, you’re free to follow your senses and live life on the wild side!