Why an Old Fashioned cocktail is the drink that will wow on a first date

You’ve found someone who holds your attention for more than a few minutes, and he’s quite cute. Now for some good old-fashioned dating. You’ve got your outfit sorted, but what drink should you order to ensure you create the right impression?

Old Fashioned Cocktail is the way to go

How to wow your date the Old Fashioned way

First dates are always a little bit awkward, and so it’s best to be yourself as much as possible. You are both trying to get to know each other while working out whether you have a spark and praying you don’t trip over your own feet. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to impress your date, and nothing wows quite like an Old Fashioned cocktail, with its style and attitude. In fact, the Old Fashioned cocktail has been around as long as awkward first dates. However, it looks great, it’s strong enough to settle your nerves, and if he’s a fan of Mad Men, he might well propose there and then! It’s not been going since the 1800s for nothing!
How to look awsome with a cocktail in your hands

Why choose an Old Fashioned cocktail?

Picture this — he watches you across the table, you casually order an Old Fashioned and savour the flavour like you have been taking tips from Don Draper himself. It doesn’t have the radioactive glow of a Screwdriver or the allure of a Chardonnay, but it will tell him you are cool, have exquisite taste and a mysterious demeanour. It is essentially the little black dress of cocktails — classic, classy and intriguing. It doesn’t need any showy sparklers, rainbow colours or tropical umbrellas. The Old Fashioned cocktail, made with top-quality whisky or bourbon, and a hint of sugar, is very boozy and quietly confident. And, as you sip it, while making witty conversation, it will make you look quietly confident too!