What not to forget on a picnic

What wine goes with salmon? Wine / food pairing

Which wine should I show up with at a Picnic?

Spring = time to picnic! Grab your wicker basket with a gingham tablecloth sticking out of it, lay a white sheet on the grass, call up some friends and prepare simple, tasty dishes to share.

Think about pies, scones, salty and sweet biscuits... but do not forget salads, omelettes and other light dishes full of veggies! be careful not to forget salt and pepper, a blanket or a tablecloth, a bread knife, plates, glasses and cutlery, napkins, water... and of course wine!

For a picnic, simple wines will do just fine, matching perfectly with all your dishes. Then select a light, fruity red; or perhaps an aromatic, soft white... Remember though; if you opt for white, take with you something to keep it cool! Do not worry, we are not referring to the bucket, now on the market you may find much more versatile wine accessories!

The wines

Languedoc Wine Region (France): Les Darons by Jeff Carrel RED

Spanish Wine: Capa Tempranillo RED

South-West Wine Region (France): Cotes de Gascogne WHITE

New Zealand Wine: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc WHITE

Which wine goes with goat cheese? Follow our advices!

Idea for a good salad: goat cheese and pomegranate


·         - Fresh Goat Cheese

·         - Pomegranate

·         - Cherry Tomatoes

·         - Apples

·         - Mesclun Salad· 


Cut tomatoes in half, shell the pomegranate, cut the cheese into small strips. Dice the apples, adding a few drops of lemon juice to slow oxidation.

Place all ingredients in equal parts on a bed of Mesclun salad; dress at the last minute with olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar.